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Hi everyone, my name is Emir and I’m here to talk about my journey to BMX and regarding things that i discovered in BMX world, as BMX was my passion since i was 15 years old ago, and now I’m 25 year old in about 10 years far away now.

Take a Break

I have gave up playing BMX since i was 18 years old, due to lack of time as I have been busy with work and study at the same time, but now I’ve got plenty of time for BMX, but the problem is that I got to start all over again from basic to advance, as I have met an accident with motorcycle on the road among car hit me, so I’ve got some injuries in my left hand.

Accident Happens

I have to struggle back again, since I’ve got a lot of time to play around 2-3 days a week, i decided to buy a BMX bike and i will upload the photo as soon as possible, as i just started to create this website of mine, for the purpose of sharing about myself and some skills that I have gone through.

Alternative Sports

Yet before BMXing again, I’m letting myself busy with GYM workout programs as to isolate some muscles due to injury, that’s bad but I accept what happens before in my life, I’ve gone through life without having money at all, and now the time comes, I just have to struggle all over again. I believed that life is like a Mountain up and down again.

My Goal in Life

I believed in what Arnold Schwarzenegger has said in Youtube video as speaker. He said that:

“He couldn’t wait for the next exercise”
“You’ve got to have a purpose in life”
“There’s no magic out there or magic pill”
“You have to work and work hard”
“Organize your day”
“It’s okay to fail and what’s not okay is when you fail and you stay down, whoever stays down is a loser”
“winners will fail and get up”
“We all have losses and it’s okay”
“Don’t be worried about losing”
“When you are afraid of losing then you get frozen”
“you get stiff and you’re not relaxed”
“So relax and it’s okay to fail”

So, What is the purpose and goal in life? For me I’ve got mine here that written above, is same as him. Look for who you want to follow and achieve like.

Emir Farouk



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