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Let me show you where to purchase a BMX bike, I’m not gonna tell you which bike suits for you. If you want to learn about your heights and the top tube size, click this link about size charts.

In this post I’m just interested to write in and share more about good deals on BMX bike sale that I found online. The link I get it was from the online sources, purposely searching around for nothing as I’m looking for a good deal too.

I will give some reviews as well, based on my judgment. If there’s any mislead information may leave the comment below, I will review your opinion and update in this post.

Beginners will try to find tips on how to buy a BMX one time for the sake of training, so I don’t want them to waste their money and effort, to lose for nothing and giving up as results.

For your information: I will only share to you the products that can send to worldwide, cause I don’t know as where you come from.

So, please leave a comment if this product may not deliver to your place. As I will maybe remove it, or find the same product but different merchant selling.


Radio Revo Pro 20″

Brand: Radio Revo Pro
Wheel size: 20″
Frame: Steel
Fork: Steel
Grips: Rubber
Handlebar: Steel
Stem: Alloy
Headset: Steel 1 1/8″ Threadless
Seat: Radio Bike Co ABC
Seatpost: Intergrated
Seatclamp: Alloy
Bottom Bracket: American type
Crank: 3 PC
Pedal: Plastic
Gearing: 25Tx9T
Sprocket: 25T
Front hub axle: 3/8″ X 100MM
Rear hub axle: 14MM Threaded X 110MM
Brake: Alloy


The Revo allows you to get your first taste of the BMX world on a solid and well-designed bike. We took extra care when hand selecting the components on the Revo to ensure that the bike could be ridden straight out of the box but also easily be upgraded over time. Despite the low price-point, the Revo is packed full of great features.

Which means here, over time you can upgrade when you ready. I seem that, the frame need to be change soon later as the frame is using American type of bottom bracket, as they are common on older and entry-level BMX bikes, especially for those using one-piece crank. The feel when riding is different from the Mid bottom bracket type like the image below.

example of mid bottom bracket

Shadow Conspiracy mid bottom bracket

example of 1pc crank in american bottom bracket

Example of 1pc crank in American bottom bracket

Front part of the bike

The handle bar – As mentioned in the image description, as you can see that the brake lever is no brand at all but it looks pretty decent like those expensive type of brake model, it’s obvious that the material is not made of plastic instead it is made from Alloy.

We have the problem here – before buying a bike you need to consider buying with or without a brake, after buying the bike with brakes you may consider leaving the brake on the bike or take it out from it, as you will be having difficulties when doing a barspin, you may click this link to read the article about myself in barspin.

The top load stem – the black thing that have 4 bolts and 1 round shape with bolt it’s called stem, this guy is doing his job to grip the handle 4 bolts tighten with hex key and it attaches to the top of the threadless fork, the head cover is at the top of the fork that tightens the stem see image below.

subrosa threadless fork top

Example of the threadless fork – Under the rose subrosa

The seat of the bike

radio revo pro 20 inches bmx intergrated seat

ABC Radio Bike Co Integrated seat

The seat looks awesome! I don’t have comment for this part but what I can say is that the seat looks elegant to me and it is not ordinary look, the good things is you don’t need to adjust the seat as this is integrated seat with the post or called integrated seat tube, you can not adjust the angle to tilt up and down like the pivotal seat post that you can adjust the screw from center inside of the seat itself.

pivotal seat example

Example of the pivotal seat – From S&M brand

pivotal seatpost example

Example of the pivotal seatpost – Brand of Eclat

You can adjust by unscrew the bolt with hex key from inside the seat which at center part as you can see in the logo there, so as you can see the seat post have a leverage for the seat angle.

The center part of the bike

radio revo 20 inches ordinary pedal

Using ordinary pedal and 3 pc cranks

The crank part – This part will lead confusion of choosing which type is right for you. Trust me that I have created a good guide for beginner or experience as well on how to choose the right type of bottom bracket for you.

You should not be confuse after reading my article about the bottom bracket types, the thing is that you need to know your budget spend limit and level of experience in BMX, if you just started riding BMX bike at street or bike, this bike may suit for you but depends on your heights as well and you may click here to view the rider and the frame top tube measurement.

The back part of the bike

radio revo pro 20 inches bmx rear hub

The rear hub is a cassette hub, not ordinary one

Is rear wheel and the hub – The most exciting topic before you move on to buy this as your first BMX bike, as mentioned in the image caption that the rear wheel (rim and 36 spokes) laced with 14mm male cassette hub using 9 teeth driver as common BMX bike gearing.


End of review

You may consider this bike to buy for yourself or friends from ebay, I have ended my review on the bike and its up to you to consider other bike as well which i will post below as listed.

Click on any image to buy, it will open new tab for you to purchase through ebay.

Stay tuned for the next post! Leave a comment below.

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