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I’m going to share some BMX tricks and skills that I know on street and park only, as I don’t have any experience in race and dirt with BMX, I’m going to show you the video below about ascending your bike higher than you never expected which recommended for beginner and experience as well, as there’s lot of tricks and skills to explain about so let’s move on by reading the topics below.

A Bronco Bunny Hop

What people want to do the most when starting as beginner is the bunny hop, before we begin let’s consider more about Bronco or some said Jay Hop and it’s up to you whatever you want to call it though, I will show you some videos walk through with Kevin Porter on YouTube that I followed when I was beginner at the age of 15.

This guy mentioned in this video that “the Bronco is the most traditional one used to jump over object”, so this trick purpose of learning is to lift up the handlebar higher with bronco bunny hop, as you can progress forward to do 180 bunny hop.

This technique is useful though I can’t leave it as my warm up before going into so called hard core training, by doing it as much as I can and allows me to negotiate with 180 and 360.

The worst part is the bunny hop tailwhip which I’m not gonna discuss about it here, what I can think about it is so hard to do it without warming up myself with a bronco bunny hop.


I couldn’t perform it when my rear brake is at my bike, I felt that it irritates me while doing barspin. Due to my favourite trick I have to remove the brake for the purpose of learning barspin, till I get use to it I don’t use brake anymore after that. You may watch this video below with Dan Foley.

This video is useful and easy to understand, I believe that his guide is awesome.

You hear that he said about hesitation, or I could say distraction, when I’m at the top I keep focusing on the brake cable instead of throwing the bar, does his bike got a brake? here is the question for you to answer below on the comment section, I will review your opinion and will include in the review page.

180 and 360 Degree Spin

You will learn with amount of time about the momentum on turning your shoulders 180 degree, which means you need to lift up your handle bar and rotate to other side, don’t forget to turn your head as well, or else you end up hurt your own neck without reason, and you will call it a day for training.

Alright then, let’s view this video about Morgan Long from rideBMX videos on YouTube channel.

Fly out jumps is the easy way to do 180 rather than flat ground, my experience I had in 180 by doing on top of the quarter pipe. Do it at the ramp will give you little extra time and you don’t have to do yourself with a bunny hop

Additional Spinning Degree

Not a college degree but this degree is more about spinning around from 90 to 360 degree and this video will show you on how to spin the bike.

He represents himself in this video about the advantageous on banks and ramps at park, I do ride BMX on ramps before without helmet and its dangerous till I’ve got myself an accident called face plant. Wearing the helmets give you more confidence when doing tricks be it at the flat ground or park.

The best part is to perform 180 turns at bank or quarter pipe which grants you without effort to do a bunnyhop, try to play this video at 05:55 he will explain on how to spin 180 degree and this guy is crazy as he indicates the degree of spinning from 90, 180, 270 up to 360.

If you always do the same like 180 every time, you won’t get the ultimate results of spinning until you over rotate yourself from 90 to 135 and so on up to 360, by moving bit by bit will make you feel differences in between.

Conclusion, this video may took longer time to watch as results you will get an idea on how to train yourself without friends together, you can use this as your guide to help you. so let’s move on to the next topic.


Alright here we are, actually I don’t fake myself as this trick is one of my favourite because I couldn’t perform it very well when i was beginner. Let me show you the next video below about fakie but hold on second, there’s fakie definition found in Google which I caught in the video, let’s check it out.

Next topic is the last step for beginners in my opinion, which is the hardest part for me.

A Manual

It takes a little bit of time to learn but over time you can do a longer manual down the street

This is not a car transmission but this is a part of BMX tricks, you need to learn how to manual on the streets, so you can show off to your friends, skaters or MTB bikers as Mountain bikes does not have 20 inch wheels unlike BMX, so the unique of this kind of freestyle bicycle can do various tricks than mountain bike.

Does mountain bike can do manual? I don’t think so with 26″ but with 24″ possible and I bet they can only do wheelie with 26″ which I’m not interested to share about it here, maybe I will discuss more about it someday and I will paste the link below, once the topic ready.


There’s a lot of BMX trick videos out there, you can find it. But in this post that you’re reading and watching the video that I have paste it in, I found it matches to what I had converse about in every topic of tricks above.

So, if any suggestions for readers like you maybe you’re pro BMX riders and have more experience than me, should leave a comment below on how to perform the tricks, tips and adjustments, so I will review and update your opinion in my post and I will appreciate your words.

Thank you!


  1. What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for about bmx tricks and when I landed to your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for basic bmx tricks.
    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to read your new posts.)


    • Hey there! Thanks for the comment! I’m sure it’s great information i had through my experience, but it still along way to go towards professional level, cause i stop BMX after I had an accident, which makes me a lot of time to recover, my wrist is fractured.

      I’m still workout out to solve this problem, while isolating my wrist. That’s what i can do in a moment.

      By the way thanks again for the comment, I have a lot of posting on hold, cause i need gathered a lot of words to gathered for the new topic, i will post it as soon as possible, stay tuned!

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