How to – Ride a BMX for beginners

To start of, you will need a BMX bike either for street/park, dirt or race. I have experience only with street/park BMX riding skills and also dirt bike with MTB which is Mountain Bikes, the topic that I’m not going to share here, as my website here for now is all about BMX stuff. Maybe I will share some stuff about MTB when I don’t have any idea to talk about BMX, just kidding.

BMX there’s lot of topic to talk about, such as choosing the right parts for custom or just buying a new complete bike which giving you no problems to fix it, otherwise if you have lots of money to buy custom parts and fix it yourself, here I’m going to show you on how to choosing the right BMX for you.

You can get a free BMX as well with only $0 but with effort and time, which I am not going to discuss over here.

First you need to consider for choosing BMX

Choosing the right BMX may takes some time to learn about the parts which fits to you and do not ever buy any parts or bike that is not fit to you, waste money and effort of buying.

All you need is to consider:

  • Top tube length on a frame
  • Complete bike comes with brakes or without
  • Think as it simple but is not – For beginners
  • Choosing the right frame materials (Chromoly, Hi-Tensile Steel)
  • Pegs after beginners
  • Changing from right drive to left drive chain (cranks)
  • Consider to taking out your brakesets
  • Tyre sizes consideration

Your heights does matters

What you need to do is to measure your height before getting or buying a bike that fits for you.

I’ve got this photo to explain about frame geometry names gathered from vitalBMX.com

Why top tube length does matters with your heights?

The answer is simple, for example if your heights is 5’4″ = 166cm and you choose your top tube length at 20.75″ you will get in trouble, to ride a BMX it will cost you money and effort, you can get it for free but if you get it the right length of your heights your lucky, otherwise you need to bear in mind.

At the length and heights that I have mentioned, is very hard for you to progress yourself to do a basic skills like lifting your handlebar for manual and bunny hop, as when you ride on top of your BMX bike, you will tend to lean forward cause your top tube length is to long forward, as results you may lean forward before lifting your handle bar, takes a lot of strength and pressure when executing bunny hop, as you will give up easily.

So if your heights is around 5’2″ – 5’6″ = 158cm – 170cm, you need to get around 19.25″ – 20″ of top tube length otherwise you may struggle. Then if your heights is around 5’3″ – 5’8″ = 161cm – 176cm you will need to extend your top tube a bit from 20″ – 20.5″ of the frame top tube length.

As for myself I will choose maximum top tube length of 20″ as my height now is 5’4″ = 166cm, I can do bunny hop at the top of 5 skates with the length that I mentioned, but with 20.5″ I couldn’t lift up that height, I only could do in about 3 skates at the maximum, cause it so hard for me to lift that bike when I lean forward more than shorter top tube.

If you have doubts in mind, about heights may cause you confusion please leave your comments below. I will guide it through step by step.

Safety concern

This is the next step for you to consider when playing at park, on the ramp or half pipe. When riding down from the top down will give you momentum and speed as you need to consider a helmet, elbow and knee guard as well. BMX stunts on the run will lead you to injury if you are beginner without a proper skills and techniques when you enter this kind of trials.

I have experience with face plant when performing 180 with bar spin when going up and down at quarter pipe without safety helmet at all, what a nice experience I had when I was 16 years old, playing with ego is bad.

When riding in quarter or half pipe it feels like seesawing with your own bike, and your mind begins to feel the emptiness as you are flying on the sky, when I was a child I like to play a see-saw going further up higher and higher that I can, that’s how

Basic skills

This is going to be fun topic to talk about when you get a bike to ride and start with lifting up your handlebar as high up towards your stomach, but do not over react as you will fallback, otherwise control your momentum as you leave your legs from the paddle down to the road and you will end up holding your handle bar otherwise just let your bike go.

I will go through more about basic skills about how-to do manual, 180 and bunny hop followed by the bar spin, as well as 360 without bunny hop, so-called 180 reverse to 360 and these skills I name it by myself, cause I can’t remember what they call it.

I will post more about basic skills on how to in the next post and I will post the links below.

Last thing to consider

Before you begin any skills, don’t forget to have your meals enough as this sports is almost like a GYM workout, as riding BMX gets more fun than GYM workout will cause you a lot more pressure when carrying heavy loads.

Always warm up before doing bunny hop like lifting your handle bar towards stomach and do not lift the bike yet, as you need to warm and fire up your muscle first before executing any of tricks.

Next scoop your foot up with paddles as like you are doing nose wheelie.

Drink lots of water once you have finish the activity, dehydrate yourself.

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